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Is Talking About Sexuality with a Professional a Privilege?


I went to a graduate school in Athens, Georgia for a degree in Professional Counseling. After I graduated, I took a leap of faith and moved to the opposite side of the country and went straight to finding a job in Seattle, WA. During the interview for my current job as a Clinician/Case Manager, I sold myself as a counselor comfortable talking about sex. I told them my plan to become a sex therapist. Many people, even mental health counselors, aren’t comfortable talking about sex making me an asset. I knew that I could be the queer, trans, kink, poly inclusive, and confirming mental health counselor for the agency. I wanted to tap into a sensitive, vulnerable part of self that needs more attention in therapy. I was so excited to start my work as a clinician, and help people with their mental health, especially in ways it impacts their sexuality.

As I began my work I noticed that most clients didn’t want to talk about sex 😦

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